Stephen Harte

Songwriter and Composer

Stephen Harte is an independent songwriter, composer, vocalist and performer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Stephen’s current projects are varied and range from folk through pop/rock, jazz and dance. Stephen writes and performs original work as well as crafting songs for established artists.


Welcome to my website!

My name is Stephen Harte and I am a songwriter, composer and singer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I write and perform my own music as well as writing across genres in specific styles to suit other established or emerging artists. I am also venturing into music for film and television – so there are some exciting projects ahead!

Like many fellow Kiwis, I have strong connections to the varied and often startling landscapes within these amazing South Pacific islands. Our mountains, lakes, beaches, fiords, rainforest and volcanoes dwell within each of us and often find expression within our art and music. I believe that this is also true of our unique urban and social landscapes.

My goal as a songwriter/composer is deceptively simple: write music with mesmerising melodies, killer hooks and combine with penetrating lyrics. These are the elements that give music the power to create lasting memories. If I can do that and create a lasting memory in your life – then I’ve succeeded!


Music crafted to your requirements

Future Hits: Unique, original songs for established artists and emerging talent

Projects: Songs crafted for cinema and television.

Special Events: Songs tailored to your needs and written specifically for special events (e.g. theme songs for corporate or sporting events, weddings, opening ceremonies etc.).

I’m happy to discuss your specific requirements so please contact me if:

1. You are looking for an original song for one of the above categories. Step one is to go to the contact page and provide me with details of what you are looking for in terms of genre, style, themes, target audience etc.

2. You are interested in one of the existing demos on this website

My goal is to work with you to deliver the music that you need.


These are demos I wrote in London and recorded in Simon Townshend’s (London) studio. Simon did a brilliant job on the production (and keyboards) and introduced me to some very classy musicians that appear on the tracks: James Hayto on guitars (Kylie Minogue, Shirley Bassey, Harry Oakwood), Mark Brzezicki on drums (Big Country, The Cult, Thunderclap Newman, The Jam). As well as being a talented artist, writing and performing his own music, Simon has played for The Who, Pearl Jam and Roger Daltrey to name a few. Ben Townshend played drums on ‘Don’t You Think’. Simon did the backing vocals with me on ‘Sweet Resolve’ but other than that - the rest of the vocals are all me!

Don't You Think

Sweet Resolve

Let You Down


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